Spoken English

Speak English confidently and establish your chances of moving abroad with the well-versed training professionals with us.

What Is “Spoken English” For?

General Spoken English and Business English are computer-based classes that are conducted to amplify the level of English for day to day speaking in your preferred country. The sole purpose of this class is to develop the 4 most important skills- Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. 

The class activities followed for this are primarily focused on learning correct grammar and enhancing the vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills of the learners. At Residency Global, our unique Spoken English course is developed by expert mentors and is tailored as per the needs and requirements of the clients. 

In our classes, you will be participating in activities that will ultimately improve your ability to speak naturally and confidently. With the lessons based on real-life topics, you will talk, practice, and in the end, can improve your fluency and accuracy in the English Language. Our highly qualified staff will help you achieve your goals through live online classes and activity-based learning. Our powerful curriculum consists of extensive speaking practice, strategies, and techniques for establishing robust communication.

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    Keeping in mind the present scenario of the importance of English, we have a course structure that’s designed to benefit all sections of people such as students, professionals, and more.

    Know More About Spoken English

    Needless to say, a good relationship starts with good communication. English, as a language, is one of the most powerful and efficient tools of expression. There are many ways through which you can improve your English, one of which is to seek professional training/help from a trainer who can guide you through, help you inspect, correct your mistakes and make you learn with personalized attention, practice, and devotion. 

    We, at Residency Global, follow a unique mechanism for upgrading knowledge and its practical implication by keeping a focus on both verbal and non-verbal communication. To be precise, the key highlight is that our teaching is solely activity-based to derive better results through time tested methodology.