Skilled Visa

At Residency Dream, you will find our proficient professionals who can help you apply for skilled visas for countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Singapore, and Europe. The skilled people who want to migrate have to apply for a Skilled Migration Visa which is usually based on the skills or education background of the desired applicant.

This is a great visa that helps in picking the skilled people who wish to make their career in different countries and devote their part of their contribution to the country’s economy. To qualify for the visa application, the candidates undergo certain points tests and it is also extremely important to qualify for a skilled permanent resident policy.

Live in the Country.
Work in the Country.
Access the Medicare Healthcare Scheme.
Pursue Basic and Advanced Education.
In Time, Reply For Citizenship As Well.
Sponsor Relatives For Permanent Residence.

Settle Abroad

The people who apply for a skilled visa are assessed based on age, occupation and language like- English. The visa applicant can also apply by giving their relative’s proof who is native in the country, by issuing their ID Proofs and Status.

Along with this, the visa applicants also have to undergo medical and healthcare checkups, that too before the permanent residential proof is not approved. The skilled visa applicants have maintained the legacy for permanent residence for specified no. of years and can apply for the citizenship of the country.

Top 4 Benefits Of Studying Abroad

Become a Permanent Resident
With a skilled visa, you are on an edge to procure permanent residency with the passing time as long as you continue to do work there with the whole heart.
Apply For Citizenship
As long as you continue to do work or study in the country, you can move on to acquire a permanent residency which can later be transitioned to Citizenship as well.
Access To Medicare
With a skilled visa, you can also win numerous great benefits; one of which is complete access to medicare and healthcare schemes in the desired country, be it any.
Sponsor Relatives For PR
Not just yourself but you can also call and sponsor your relatives for permanent residency in the desired country of interest with the Skilled Visa.
File Assessment
Complete Reviewal Of Your Visa Application.
Visa Guidance
Extensive Guidance On Your Visa Subclass.
Thorough Documentation For Your Visa Success.

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